Safety consulting
Below you can find our most common services. Please contact us to talk about an offer tailored to your needs.
We offer wide range of safety services and staff management solutions in multiple languages. We can build and update all necessary safety documentation like Safety Plans, workplace layouts, risk assessments etc.
Safety consulting, inspections, representation, courses, training and staff workshops.
Safety consulting services


1.1. First meeting

Talking about your company needs offer and support

Agreeing on cooperation



1.2. Safety consulting

Single consultation

Representing your company



1.3. Safety plan (OHS plan) (danish PSS)

Meetings with company owner to agree what should be included in the Plan

Preparation of the Plan

Presentation and Implementation of the Plan



1.4. Safety layout of the workplace

Walk around workplace, marking of the layout

Preparation and supply of the final layout



1.5. Information board

Preparation and supply of unique materials for the company



1.6. Safety meeting (in Denmark required every 14 days)

Preparation and leading of the meeting

Preparation of the official report



1.7. Safety inspection (in Denmark required every 14 days)

Leading of the inspection

Preparation of the official report



1.8. Meeting - Introduction of a new subcontractor “kick-off meeting”

Preparation for the meeting

Leading the meeting with main contractor and subcontractor

Preparation of the official report



1.9. Accident at work

Investigation of the incident

Agreeing on corrective action

Preparation of the incident report

- description of the incident

- Witnesses

- Photos

- Root cause analysis

- Description of preventive action


Reporting of an incident to Danish WEA


Creating of incident register


Update to a single incident report and entire register



1.10. Registration in Danish Working Environment Authority (Arbejdstilsynet)

Creating of company profile and receiving log-in data



1.11. Permission/registration of construction work performed at Danish WEA (Arbejdstilsynet)

Form filling-in with all required attachments.

Receiving official permission from Danish WEA



1.12. Risk assessment

per 1 position

Observation and talk with management about planned activity

Preparation of the document


Single update



1.13. Workplace assessment (danish APV)

single observation, interview with workers, concluding corrective action

Report of observations and corrective action to be taken



1.14. Daily observation

Single observation of the workplace


Report preparation



1.15. Employees register


Preparation of the documentation and a register folder





1.16. Distribution and register of workwear and safety gear


Prepared register





1.17. Safety signs in the workplace


Directions in placing and amount of required and useful safety signs


Sale of a single laminated safety sign (danish/english/polish or any language)


Sale of a sticky safety sign (danish/polish)


Sale of a plastic safety sign (danish/polish)


Sale of an aluminium safety sign (danish/polish)



1.18. Chemicals in the workplace

Register with best before dates


Update of the register


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (danish: sikkerhedsdatablad)

Workplace instruction sheet (danish Arbejdspladsbrugsanvisning- APB)


personal instruction to a single employee on up to 5 chemicals



1.19. Machines and tools in the workplace

Register with next inspection dates




User manual sheet


Instruction given to he operator



1.20. E-mail support

Mail support

Ask questions and receive answers

7 days a week between 10am-8pm

1 week pay

Must be paid in advance

Answer to your question as soon as it is possible for us



1.21. Registration of a foreign company working in Denmark