Staff training

Courses, workshops and toolbox talks

Staff training

According to the Danish Working Environment Authority 


Working Environment Act

Ministry of Employment Consolidated Act no. 1072 of 7 September 2010 with later amendments 

Every employer shall ensure that their employees receive the necessary training and instruction to perform their work in such a way as to avoid any possibility of risk.

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Each course provided by SOLIDmode includes:

Agreement with management on the arrangement.

Sign a contract for execution of a service.

Each participant receives a proof of participation.

The client receives a list of participants and scope of the course.

Each course can be arranged at client's or our location.

For a larger number of participants, another location will be arranged.

SOLIDmode provides materials for each participant.

Basic courses

General safety introductory course

Company specific safety course

Brief safety course on a specific subject

It is mandatory to train your employees when their assignment shifts, when working conditions change or when your employees are new and are about to commence their work.

In this category, we have placed three basic courses that as an employer you shall provide to your employees


Some employees need to be provided with additional instruction related to their tasks. It is also advised to always have employees that are trained in first-aid and basic fire-fighting to act immediately if undesirable situation occurs. Below you can view most common courses that we provide and are most desired in workplaces. To book the course, click on the button.

Manual handling course

Basic fire - fighting course

Epoxy and isocyanates course

First - aid course

Fall protection course

Mobile scaffold assembly course

Hot - works course

§ 26


with chemicals


Toolbox talk and briefing

Toolbox talk and briefing are very common ways of instruction given to employees across many workplaces. The topic depends on a workplace, job position or specific subject that should be covered. These types of instruction normally take place in the workplace and last between 15 - 60 mins. The subject  and duration of instruction is normally discussed with employer before instruction is given.

Toolbox talk


Team workshops

A workshop is the most effective way for your employees to understand and process received information. A workshop may include aspects of story telling, brainstorming, quiz, theory and case study.

Staff management

Team building

Conflict solving and negotiations

in business



Bullying and herassment

Supervisor /


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