We bring together multinational safety specialists to provide optimised safety services for companies operating in Denmark that hire employees of diverse nationalities


Minimize costs associated to work injuries and fines

Gain trust

of your contractors

Build well-known brand of your business through

good public opinion

Make people

want to work for you

Happy employee,

happy manager

Save time,

have everything




Occupational health & safety
Consulting, courses, workshops and workwear
We offer wide range of working environment health and safety services in Denmark

We can provide business owners, managers or employees with human resources and safety related courses, workshops and advice.

We can represent your business in meetings, inspections and negotiations. 

We can support your business preparing necessary reports and documentation.

We provide our services for wide range of professions

We can represent your business in meetings

We can help you with safety inspections

We can arrange meetings, courses and workshops with your employees


You can book a meeting with SOLIDmode consultant in English at any time suitable for you.

For bookings in particular language, please contact us via e-mail, phone or contact request form on this website in Tab "Contact".


You have three options to get in touch with us

Choose which one is the most suitable for you

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